4 Types Of Web Hosting For Your Website

You’re left with two options when you start a website – choose a free web hosting platforms, like WordPress and Blogger, or go for a professional hosting company. Hosting in simple terms is a place where you store all your data, like your store room where you store your furniture and clothes. You’ll be storing files, images, videos, documents, HTML, and much more in your web host.

Get your facts right

Most people confuse data center and web hosting, web hosting is often referred to the hosting company, while data center is the place which houses the server. It’s suggested that you learn to differentiate between them before choosing a cheap windows vps for your website. Usually, a data center comes equipped with security devices, backup power supplies and much more.

Variety of web hosting you might have come across

There are four major types of web hosting available in the market, it’s suggested that you have a look at them before choosing one. Depending on the storage capacity, server speed, control, reliability, and other factors the web hosting are segregated into different categories. It’s recommended that you dig deep before you choose the right one for your website.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where your website is placed with other few hundred to thousand websites in the same server. Oftentimes, almost every website share the same server resources, like CPU and RAM, which reduces the cost factor involved in hosting the site. It’s might be the best bet to choose shared hosting when you’re starting up a website for the first time.

  1. Virtual private server

Virtual private hosting or VPS allows business organizations to upgrade from a pretty basic hosting option to a high level of resources which enables them to do a lot more. You can deploy a fully working website or e-commerce models without having to bear the cost of dedicated hosting servers.

It’s not like the shared hosting with virtual private hosting, but there are few users when compared to shared network. Your site might be affected by the other sites in your server, it’s suggested that you look for a cheapwindowsvps hosting network rather than going for the high-end ones.

  1. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is an ideal web server if you wish to have maximum control over your website and web hosting server where the website data is stored on. You might have to shell out a lot of money when it comes to a dedicated server, because your website is the only website in the dedicated server. It might be the best investment if you wish to have better control and server performance.

  1. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting provides you unlimited ability to handle a large amount of traffic. A team of servers are linked together which hosts a group of websites. You might have to spend a lot when it comes to cloud hosting, it’s suggested that you go for this only if you’re ready to bear a high cost of maintaining them. However, you don’t have the luxury to have root access to install some software on cloud hosting.

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