Android Location History – The Easiest Way To Monitor You Closest Ones

Want to keep track of your children? Or are you jealous and want to make sure your significant other is faithful? Control android location history.

How to control android location history, SMS and chats

Once in a while, we start dreaming about reading other people thoughts. But there is another way to find out what is on their mind simply by tracking their phones, installing spy apps to gather required information. This is the main reason people are turning to such apps as they give a chance to view personal messages and chats as well as listen to all calls. Before starting the whole thing, make sure that cell monitoring activities are legal in your area as by downloading and installing the app you certify your awareness of all legal responsibilities.

Tracking apps are compatible with most popular devices with most popular devices but before installing one make sure it will operate flawlessly with your model. To track a phone, you must have access to it for installing required software. One of the main benefits is that it runs in stealth mode and almost undetectable for an average user.

Here are main features that make spying procedure so exciting:

Text messages and MMS:

This feature gives possibility viewing sent and inbox messages;

Call tracking:

Spy product users are able looking through call history, time of calls, duration. Another amazing option is recording of all calls. Recorded conversations are stored at your personal account;

Monitoring contact list:

This option allows viewing all contacts on children’s or employees target devices;

Access to target phone’s gallery:

Installing phone tracker, you have a chance to look through the gallery of the target cell and view photos, videos made by this device or downloaded from the web;

Social messenger tracking:

Social activity monitoring feature includes complete access to Viber, Skype, Facebook as well as WhatsApp chats. Now you can read every conversation and view every picture shared.

Location tracking:

You can monitor target phone’s android location history in real time. So now you can be sure that your children are at school and not skipping lessons of hanging around with strangers;

Internet browsing history:

Quite useful feature that shows every single one website your child had been visiting even if it has age restrictions. Made bookmarks are also registered.

Who will be interested in using spy apps?

Monitoring tools are in great demand as allow us to control our environment and make sure everything is under control. Whether you are monitoring your children or looking through your colleagues’ texts or making sure your parents haven’t accidently sent some personal photos that were stored on their phones – you will feel invaluable benefits of having spy app installed. Another reason to use this product is if you lost or got your phone stolen, you will easily track it.

Here are few major reasons to start using mobile spy:

  1. Children’s safety always comes first. Spy phone app determines child’s location, prevents cyberbullying, prevents excessive online gaming or even gambling, blocks suspicious websites or those, with adult content as well as dating sites. Monitoring browsing parents will ensure safer online environment and responsible use of Internet.
  2. One more reason to start using tracking app for business owners and managers is making sure employees don’t waste working hours in vain while in business trips, maintaining their productivity and not disclosing confidential information. Cell phone spy from hoverwatch allows managers are monitoring online activity and list of contacts. Skype conversations, emails, texts, chats are now available for closer study.

Helpful features of cell phone tracker ensure your loved ones are safe and employees can be trusted.  

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