Discover An Easy Way To Edit Videos On iOS With Clip&Go

Have you ever wished that you could tweak some of the videos that you record on your iPhone or iPad to improve them in some way or other? With a few edits you may even be able to create impressive movies out of the footage that you record, and then share those videos on social media with your friends and family.

If any of that sounds appealing then you should seriously take a look at Clip&Go. It is an iPad and iPhone video editor that will let you conveniently edit your videos on iOS itself without having to transfer them to any other platform. On top of that because of how easy to use it is, you will be able to quickly familiarize yourself with its features – even if you have never edited a single video in the past.

In short if you want to edit videos on iOS in any way – Clip&Go is the easiest way to do so. With its features you could:

  • Select any videos on your iOS device to utilize in the movie that you’re creating.
  • Trim out unnecessary parts from your videos by cutting and deleting segments.
  • Rearrange video segments so that they appear in the right sequence.
  • Add background music by either choosing from amongst the inbuilt selection or using one of your own music tracks.
  • Copy video tracks to duplicate the video footage within your video or use it in a different track entirely.
  • Crop the frame of a video to focus the audience’s attention on a particular area.
  • Choose to save your video in video formats that include portrait, landscape or square settings.
  • Save your video when it is complete directly onto your mobile device or upload it onto any social media platform.

All it takes is a few simple taps or some swipes on your touchscreen and you could be well on your way to producing stunning video content. By making video editing so accessible, Clip&Go is the perfect tool – regardless of whether you want to create a home movie or just tweak a short video clip.

Because of how convenient and easy-to-use it is, you should definitely check out Clip&Go and see what it is capable of. Once you start to use it and experience its features for yourself it is a safe bet that you won’t look back.

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