Do You Really Require An IP PBX Benefits For Your Business

In IP PBX system phone calls are directed over the IP network of the company. This prevents the need for dedicated infrastructure for call and data. Being a cost-effective system, it also guarantees to be robust, trustworthy and the most efficient system.

It is important to understand the working and benefits of an IP PBX system before you actually buy it.

Working of an IP PBX system

The overall structure of an IP phone system comprises of a central IP PBX server and SIP clients. These clients can be users, desktop phones or softphones. These clients register with the server to get complete access to all system users, their SIP addresses and phones. Communication over these systems happens through existing LAN network.

Panasonic IP telephone System presents the best quality IP PBX system that eliminates the hassles of telephone wiring and enables people to experience smooth and uninterrupted communication.

To make an internal call, the SIP client sends a signaling request to IP PBX server. This server routes the call through proper channels to the destination. This is the same procedure to make external calls, but in that case, a VoIP service provider is also required.

Benefits of using an IP PBX telephone system in business

Easy installation, configuration and management

On the contrary to the traditional phone systems, systems that are based on IP PBX technology are far simpler to install, configure and maintain. This technology use systems that utilize web based UI providing system administrator to efficiently configure, update and maintain it on their own without needing any outside vendor support.

Scalability of the system

Scalability has been the major drawback of the traditional legacy telephone systems. These systems were not able to grow as the business expands and thrives. This often poses a problem related to the addition of new extensions, wiring and other hardware.

To enhance the range of the system, replacing them with a brand-new phone system was the only option that was left with the businesses with such systems. IP PBX solution designed at IP PBX System Nigeria support new users by way of adding them to the existing software.

This system allows users to add new licenses to the existing package and request VoIP provider to grant them additional lines. Thus, these systems would expand with the expansion of your business.  

Advanced functionality at a less price

IP phone system with PBX technology come with a whole lot of advanced features such as video, mobile apps, inbuilt softphones, chat, presence, call conferencing, unified messaging, etc. All these features are included in the standard package.

Investing your capital in the installation of software based IP PBX solution help one make significant cost savings and enhanced performance. These systems are worth investing for companies who are planning to migrate to a VoIP system and also to those who want to reap benefits from their existing PBX system in related to maintenance costs, administrative hassle, and call costs.

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