Edgecast CDN

Before we go into detail about the Edgecast CDN you must know in detail what CDN exactly is. CDN is derived from the content delivery network and it means that it is the group of the servers that show pages of the website to the internet servers based on their geographical locations. It is up to the website owner that how much geographical coverage he wants for their website so they can decide the CDN accordingly for it.

The vaster the geographical locations are under the CDN the more people will have access to your website and the more your business will flourish so it is best when you have a good CDN for your website because either the chances of success are even more because more people will be viewing your website and in such way, you will be able to move forward. A CDN basically views the page to the user based on their own geographical position, the users and the place where the page was created it all comes under the CDN and is decided by them too.

 Now most people wont be able to recognize the good CDN services from the bad one so to differentiate easily you must know that good content delivery network is the one that has global reach and also has a very effective speed that is not available in a lot of CDNs they either have global coverage or better speed, but the Edgecast CDN is the only one that can provide you with both.


Edgecast is one of the most famous content delivery networks and is owned by the Verizon communications. Edgecast CDN started in 2006 and is the best one known in the world of information technology so far and is still striving to be even better in the areas they lack which is almost nothing to zero. Edgecast CDN was rated to be the third best content delivery network in the year 2009 and since then it has worked in every way to be even better in their field and they have succeeded so far.

Edgecast CDN

Edgecast CDN is famous for its amazing performance and it gives you all that you can expect from a content delivery network. It has the fastest catching of content and provides the users with the efficient services. It also allows you to have a granular operator that will allow the owner of the website control a few things related to the CDN. They have the fastest DNS and the fastest HTTPS. There is no involvement of the third party that gives you the sense of security about your website. The whole IT team moves faster to provide you with the better services. No involvement of the third party gives you the sense of security and some other security products are also part of this content delivery network.

So, this was all you need to know about CDN and now you even have the reason as to why choose the Edgecast CDN.

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