How To Secure Your IP Camera From Hackers

These days, with the increased cases of theft, use of CCTV cameras has increased in offices and residences. There are various types of CCTV cameras from which you can pick one suitable for you. IP cameras have increased in demand due to their good quality and safety features. This guide will brief you ways to secure CCTV installation of IP camera.

Basically, IP camera i.e. Internet Protocol Camera is nothing but a digital video camera which is used for surveillance. This camera has the ability of sending and receiving data through an internet and computer. Though installation of a CCTV camera is not a big task, the biggest challenge is to prevent hackers from reaching your camera. Following are some installation tips which will help you to secure IP camera from hackers.

Some Tips

  • Updated Firmware

It is important to ensure that firmware of your camera is updated. Usually, IP cameras are available with a customizable firmware. In case any security lapse is found, manufacturer can fix the susceptibility by updating camera’s firmware. The manufacturer can do it from his official website by using the admin console.

Therefore, keep checking your camera manufacturer’s website regularly for updating its firmware to the latest version, so that there are no chances of its detection to fake internet users and hackers.

  • Keep Your Cameras Local

To ensure that your cameras don’t fall in hands of hackers, avoid connecting them with internet. For increased security and privacy, keep the cameras local and lock them with a non routable internal IP address.

It’s worth mentioning point here that even with a non routable IP address, there are chances of your camera being vulnerable to software, which can expose it to the internet. Therefore, it is important that you visit your camera’s manufacturer website and check the procedure of locking your camera exclusively to the local internet mode.

  • Keep Your Cameras Password Protected

Most of the IP cameras don’t come with a password protection feature. The manufacturer usually assumes that your prime objective is to get the camera and you aren’t much concerned about its security.

Therefore, don’t forget adding a password protection to your camera after initial setup for making sure that it is not open to be accessed by all. Most of the IP cameras come with a basic authentication. Therefore, at this point, shield your camera with a unique password and username. You can buy the best IP cameras at Axis CCTV Dubai at affordable prices.

  • Change Default Admin Account

As soon as you buy a new IP camera, change its default admin name and password, which have been earlier set by the manufacturer. You can access your camera’s default admin account by visiting the manufacturer’s official website.

At the website, you need to click the support section and then pick your camera model from the list. Ignoring to change or forgetting the admin name can leave your camera more exposed to hackers.


Hope this guide will help you in installing IP camera effectively.

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