How To Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software

It sure does sound creepy and strange, but your own smartphone can work against you as a bugging and tracking device by a person who wants to be aware of your personal matters without your consent. Yes, you read this right. Usually and the general procedure to get this done is by installing a spy app on the target phone but with the advancing technology even that is not necessary as it is easily possible to spy on iPhone without installing software by merely establishing a remote access to the target device.


Despite of being a highly advanced technological product, even Apple have been not been saved from the attack of iPhone monitoring software. What are the things that can be spied upon by an iPhone monitoring software:

  1. Sms-all the incoming and outgoing sms along with the the names of the sender and recipient
  2. Phone contacts-the complete contact list of the contacts on the iPhone
  3. Call logs-incoming and outgoing calls along with the caller and receiver
  4. Browsing history-websites accessed
  5. Notes, reminders and events-complete list of notes and reminders set on the target phone
  6. Instant messenger activity-incoming and outgoing messages on all instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook
  7. Wi-fi networks
  8. Apps installed on the target phone and remote uninstall of the unwanted apps

How to spy on iPhone without installing software:

mSpy is the most favoured service provider that fulfills all your surveillance needs. It is the best iPhone monitoring software as it allows monitoring on the target phone without having to touch it or lay your hands on it. The basic necessity for accessing the target phone with the help of mSpy is downloading the app on your PC or smartphone and entering the Apple ID and password of the target device on the iCloud. And boom!! You are in!!

Limitations of using the iPhone monitoring software without installing on the target phone:

mSpy is most definitely the best app to spy on iPhone without installing software but it also most certainly has its limitations. The following are the problems that one can face while trying to use best iPhone monitoring software.

  • One is not able to get their hands on the iCloud credentials
  • The target phone user does not use iCloud as the backup for his iPhone
  • The user of the target iPhone discontinues the use of iCloud


  • Make the right choice for selecting the iPhone monitoring software. There are many options available in the market making huge claims regarding its features. B sure to check them all before going for the app.
  • It is not true that you do not at all need access to the target phone for installing an iPhone spyware. First time access is always necessary even if it is to get the iCloud credentials.

Choose a service with a good backup and support system.

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