List Of 5 Upcoming Mobiles Expected To Launch In The Second Half Of The Year 2017

According to the common saying ‘save the best for the last’ it is completely acceptable and understandable if you believe in waiting for the second half of the year, where all the best of mobiles are launched. A lot of the popular and best selling companies opt for the later months to launch their devices, maybe because they wish to make users wait longer than usual. Amongst all the upcoming mobiles in India, majority of them can be found online, not for buying but for knowing more about the devices. Given below is a list of the best phones, which are expected to be launched later this year.

  • Pixel 2 – Google launched its flagship mobiles, Pixel and Pixel XL last year. Both of these mobiles were certainly well performing, but were also very expensive. Google is expected to launch the second edition of the device later this year. Pixel 2 is one of the best upcoming mobiles in India, provided you have a hefty budget. Because what can most certainly be said about this device, without any shadow of doubt is that, this is not going to be a cheap phone. In-fact from what we know, there is no certainty about the date of the launch of this device, whether it will be called Pixel 2 or not, is also not certain. But there will definitely be another edition in The Pixel series.

  • Oneplus 5 – Yes we are as surprised as you are for why did they skip a four? There is not much info on this, but if the sources are to be believed, Oneplus will be launching its upcoming mobiles in India as Oneplus 5 and not Oneplus 4. To make this device different from what we have already experienced, there are chances that the company might release this device with a glass or probably a ceramic body. Although there has still not arrived any confirmation as to when will the device be launched, we are hoping it happens soon, and we have something to look forward to.

  • iPhone 8 – One of the most awaited phone every year is the Apple iPhone. After the success of iPhone 7, there are not only talks of 7S and 7S plus, but also of iPhone 8 as one of the upcoming mobiles in India. This will most certainly be one of the most expensive launches of the year, much like every other time. What can be expected from this device is something a lot of people are trying to take a dig at. It is however touted that a material change is most likely in this device. It will have more of glass, and might allow for wireless charging. There is a possibility of a jet black iPhone.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – After the mobile burning fiasco last year, with Samsung S7 mobiles, it has come up with the all new S8 and S8 Plus. These are two of the upcoming mobiles in India that all the Samsung buffs are looking out for. However these phones won’t be very pocket friendly, as it is not only the brand name, but also the technology that is used. And after the disappointment with S7 edge and not so exciting battery life in Note 7, there is a lot that the users are expecting from this device. It most certainly should be worth the wait.


  • Nokia D1C – One of the most looked up launches from Nokia are the Nokia 6 and P1, both of them are however set for launch early this year. D1C is one of those upcoming mobiles in India from Nokia which is set for release later this year, somewhere is August. There is not much to look out for in this device, as this is expected to be a pretty basic phone, but will be launched with Android Nougat.


Verdict – Waiting for the second half of the year for the above mentioned upcoming mobiles in India is certainly a sensible choice, but keep in mind that all of these mobiles will be ones which will cost a lot. So if you want a cheap one with basic features, you might as well opt for the ones available currently.

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