Time To Turn Up Your Instagram Game With These Top Tips

We’re now living in the digital age, and our thirst for social media followers is now stronger than ever. Even if you can keep a close circle of friends that are few in number, you might want your Instagram follower count to rise up from the ashes (so to speak). However, adding more followers is easier said than done.

While it might seem difficult, it certainly isn’t impossible. You might be aiming to be at the top 10 list of Instagram users with the most followers, but know that it’s not going to be an easy feat. Read on to know some useful tips that’ll increase your Instagram follower count by tens, hundreds, or perhaps even by the thousands.

Don’t Forget the Hashtag 

Some people think that adding hashtags to posts is overrated. However, if you think like that, then you’re not going to get a lot of additional features in the near and far future. So it’s time to suck up your pride and use hashtags in your post. Still, don’t just use any hashtags that enter your mind. Use hashtags that are both relevant and popular. Hashtags are like keywords if you’re looking at it in a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view. Always look at the most popular hashtags whenever you’re going to post something. In doing so, you heighten your chances of getting your post visible to other users, even if they’re not following you at the moment.

Communicate With Your Audience 

One of the reasons why people get bored in following other Instagram users is because the account holder does nothing but post. If a user asks you, “How did you do your hair,” or, “What makeup did you use,” don’t just leave them waiting for your reply until the end of time. Instead, when you get that notification that someone commented on your post, reply to them. Also, reply to that comment in a nice and respectful manner. If you don’t, then you’re just asking for a decrease in follower count and not an increase.

Know the Timing 

If you post during midnight, then chances are not a lot of people are going to see your post. Furthermore, by the time other users wake up, your post will already be buried under other people’s posts. According to some studies, many social media users check their smartphones for updates on social media before and after their daily work or school. So if you live in an area where the usual working time starts at 8 am, then you should start scheduling your posts by around 7 am. If you’re having a bit of difficulty doing this technique, then know there are third-party Instagram post scheduling apps that can help you out.

Get Automated 

Sometimes you need the help of technological advancement to bring in more new followers to your Instagram profile. There are some methods to bring in automatic instagram likes, and these means can help you acquire Instagram fame without too much hassle.

Take note that this list is by no means extensive, and there are other methods and techniques that can help you acquire that much-coveted Instagram fame. Some other methods that you should start doing include the following: networking to other Instagram users, filling the bio portion of your profile, and perhaps do a “Like for Like” campaign.

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